• Large Bales of Wax Paper Bedding

    Large bales of wax paper bedding €13.50 per bale or 10 bales for €135.

  • Large Bales Of Jay Cloth Bedding

    Shredded long strips of Jay Cloth. €15 per bale or 10 bales for €140

  • Golden Syrup

    Pourable golden syrup in 7.26Kg/16LB resealable tubs. Ideal to mix in with breakfast, top quality. Only €3 per tub.

  • Breakfast Cereal

    Extra large bags of mixed breakfast Cereal. €15 per bag or 10 bags for €150.

  • Large Bales of Shredded Nappy Liners

    Long strips of shredded nappy liner. €15 per bale or 10 bales for €140

  • Sprats / Sardines

    20kg/44LB boxes, €15 per box. Fit for human consumption, blast frozen, absolute top quality, swimming in the sea this time last week, cook or feed raw.

  • Mackerel

    20kg/44LB boxes, boneless, blast frozen, fit for human consumption, top quality. Only €15 per box

  • Knuckle Bones

    20 Extra large cooked knuckle bones. €15 per box.

  • Pasta Grains

    20Kg/44Lb bags of pasta grains. Easy cook, top quality. €15 per bag.

  • Biscuit

    25Kg/55Lb bags of top quality biscuit. Already minced. Feed it with the breakfast or mix with main meal. Dogs love it. €15 per bag

  • Milk Powder

    20Kg bags of Express milk formula. €24 per bag.

  • Dried Rice

    25kg/55Lb bags of dried rice. Easy cook, top quality. €15 per bag

  • Glucose Syrup

    25L/25Kg of Glucose syrup, high in energy. Ideal for a dog getting over the cough or to give a boost before a race. €10 per tub

  • Di Calcium

    25Kg/55Lb bags of di calcium. Top quality, €30 per bag.

  • Leather Collar & Lead

    Irish made leather collar and lead. Only €12.

  • Leather Collar & Lead

    Black leather collar and lead, excellent quality, extra strong. €17.50.

  • Leather Collar & Lead

    Brow leather collar and lead, top quality leather, extra strong. €17.50.

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